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Meet and Assist services at airports in Namibia. For any traveler, on any airline, in any cabin class.

Namibia Hosea Kutako (WDH)  airport is a small but busy airport in continental Africa.  Booking a Meet and Assist Service will make passing through it fast and easy. Namibia Fast Track’s local greeters will help bypass the lines for a quick arrival & a smooth departure.

Africa Fast Track’s service in Namibia adds a first class feel, usually reserved for VIPs. The service may include special immigration handling, help with VOA and baggage.  Before you book, our reservation team will help you book the exact service that you need.

Airport Meet and Greet service in Namibia Hosea Kutako (WDH).

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On arrival Namibia Airport Fast Track’s English speaking greeters will meet you near the air bridge. They will assist you through any passport or visa control, and escort you to the baggage and customs area. They will help find your driver, or if you booked a connection, check in to your next flight.

On departure, they will contact your driver, will assist you through check-in and immigration, and will take you to your airline lounge or the boarding gate.

For connections, the greeter will meet you near the air bridge and will guide and escort you through the arrival, departure and transfer processes needed for your connection, right through to your airline lounge or the gate.

For more than 10 years our Airport Assistance and Booking Team has assisted thousands of travellers pass smoothly through busy airports. Before you book, Fast Track’s tools and expert staff will help you understand and choose the exact service you need at the lowest possible cost.

Fast Track services are available to any traveler, on any airline, and in any cabin class, and in all major airports around Asia, the Middle East & Africa.

Hosea Kutako International Airport (IATAWDH) is located 45 KM east of the capital city Windhoek. From this airport one can fly to various regional destinations, the most popular being JNB Johannesburg with many flights each day. Internationally, British airways flies to this airport via JNB. KLM, Eurowings, Qatar and Condor offer a good selection of international flights to the Middle East and Europe. There is talk of a new terminal being planned at this airport that will provide better services.

However, presently it is reported  by many passengers that the check in experience can be very busy and at times chaotic.

There is a selection of shops and eating places inside the airport and also one can enjoy the comfort of one of the VIP lounges; including the ‘Amushe Lounge’ that offers shower facilities. There is the possibility to rent a car or 4×4 vehicle in the airport.

Located in Southwest Africa, Namibia is reported as being the driest country in Sub-Sahara Africa. There are eye catching sand dunes that are almost mountainous and it is home to the World’s oldest desert ‘the Namib’ . The wildlife here is a dream come true for any tourist. Elephants, Big Cats, Black Rhinos and Cheetahs can all be admired in Etosha National Park. For a memorable moment in the country one might like to interact with some of the people; especially those who live in the North-west of the country – called the ‘Himba’ as they are regarded as very soulful people. If you are interested in seals, you must visit the cape cross seal reserve.  Here, there are more than 100,000 basking and frolicking on the beaches but to bring a hanky to cover your nose as the smell can be overpowering.

Windoek, is the capital and is a great place to relax and take a break from your African adventure. This city is modern and full of all the facilities one would want. There is a real African urban buzz in this city, a great choice of restaurants and shopping malls. There are many things to see especially the German Lutheran Church, a sandstone building built in 1907,  that resembles a gingerbread house and many regard it as the landmark of the city.

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